Carrier grade small cell radio solutions

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At the heart of the Viper platform is SUMO, ip.access’ solution for delivering shared access multi-operator coverage from each small cell.

Shared access small cells are the next logical step in a path that began twenty years ago with the first tower sharing agreements. ip.access believes the same cost arguments that won out then over the “cell site as differentiator” argument will win out over the “spectrum as differentiator” argument today.

SUMO small cells, whether delivered by MNOs or via a neutral host, are crucial to reducing capital and operational costs for operators. SUMO allows MNOs to share active infrastructure and spectrum, without losing control of the capacity each operator is able to offer its customers.

With SUMO, each access point (AP) broadcasts multiple PLMN codes on the same spectrum and all users see the AP as a cell within their home network. A policy based resource scheduler in the AP allocates capacity and bandwidth according to predefined rules managed via SLAs. The Viper gateway then securely routes all traffic to the appropriate core network for each operator, and traffic counters allow the traffic to be monetised.

Virtualised In-Premise Enterprise RAN platform

S60 nanoLTE
4G SoHo Access Point for small enterprises

S61 nanoLTE
4G SoHo Access Point for small enterprises

S62D DualMode
4G/3G Access Point for enterprise flexibility

Neutral Host Business Planner
Your route to a successful business case for Neutral Host Small Cell deployments using the Viper™ platform

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