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presenceSensors from ip.access deliver a low-cost solution for real-time, high-accuracy presence-based handset detection. Offering a unique system for seamlessly capturing precise mobile subscriber information and location data within a closely targeted area (down to a 5 meter radius), presenceSensors provide an entirely new layer of intelligence – unlocking location-based revenue opportunities for operators.

Fast and simple to deploy, our 3G and 4G presenceSensors can be installed standalone, with no need for complex network management and integration.

The data that the presenceCell captures includes a timestamp, a location code, the user’s IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), and for 3G deployments, the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). From this data, mobile operators can identify the subscriber, the device they are using, the country and operator to which it is registered, as well as when the user visited the location and how long they stayed. The data is encrypted and anonymised at the point of collection before it is uploaded to ip.access’s secure cloud-based Presence Collector.

There are a number of cost-saving and revenue-generating applications for this precise location data. For example, mobile operators use this data for their own retail operations to enable upsell opportunities, reduce churn and increase customer acquisition. In addition, mobile operators use the location data to provide managed services to retailers, such as fraud prevention at the point of sale for mobile payments, location data analytic services such as “breadcrumbing,” or advertising promotions.

The presenceCell adheres to the 2003 European Commission Directive, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), and allows mobile operators to comply with their privacy and permission obligations with regard to opt-in/opt-out, provision of key telecommunications services and restrictions on the processing of location data.

“Always On” Location

Unlike location systems with only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which require users to turn on, opt-in and download an app, presenceSensors use the cellular network protocol to capture information from passing handsets – automatically, securely, and with no user intervention required.

The collected data can be enriched, anonymised and fed to other partners, unlocking valuable new revenue opportunities for the mobile operator.

Targeted, Micro-Proximity Location Based Services

presenceSensors can be configured and optimally located to serve smaller, much more targeted areas than is possible using cellular Location Based Services (LBS). They can be configured to cover a particular area of a shop such as an entrance point, a promotions area, outdoor digital media or mobile point-of-sale.

Presence Central Office System

Collects the sightings data from the presenceSensors, with an option for real-time forwarding to an external system. The software is fully virtualised for data centre or portable installation.

Commercial Carrier-Grade Components

The solutions is proven in tier-1 operator deployments. 
Customer announcements: O2T-Mobile Poland 

Regulatory Compliance

Personally identifying information is encrypted to conform to all local regulatory and statutory requirements.

Real-time, presence-based handset detection delivering new data streams to drive location-based revenue opportunities. Precise location enabled through close proximity radio sensors supporting cellular and unlicensed radio technologies.


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Operator use cases

  • Retail and public spaces
  • Footfall tracking
  • Dwell time measurement
  • m-commerce
  • Security & Fraud Protection
  • Push SMS Vouchers
  • Big Data Analytics

P60 presenceSensor™

4G Sensor for advanced Presence solutions

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