Presence for Safe Cities


Use Case: Airport Security

Together with our partners Fast Systems, Presence for Safe Cities delivers an essential additional layer of information, equipping the law enforcement agencies with intelligence required to make quick and confident decisions - on the spot!

How this works: Extracting, combining and analysing data from: Mobile Tracking, Distributed IMSI Grabbing, CCTV Facial Recognition Cameras and some clever suspect profiling algorithms.

"We are extremely thrilled to work with ip.access to add cellular micro-proximity to our TERRA 4D Software Integration, Management and Visualization Platform. With real-time data insight, PRESENCE™ enables demanding clients in the safety and security sector understand people’s behaviour at sensitive and critical areas."

Carsten Tschritter, Managing Director and CTO of FAST Systems

Micro-proximity sensor

Presence for Safe Cities is an award winning, mobile phone detection system, optimised for use in border/perimeter protection control. Based on the presenceSensor, Presence for Safe Cities captures anonymised mobile subscriber information and location data around sensitive sites. This data can be combined with other data sources to provide meaningful, actionable data for government agencies - adding a deeper layer of intelligence to security operations.


Presence for Safe Cities

We offer the full solution as either a hosted or locally deployed system with full northbound integration APIs

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