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Solution Overview

nanoHost enables Wireless Data Security for Enterprises, with encrypted data flow, to enhance their own private networks. ip.access allows Enterprises to connect to the nanoHost Services to quickly and easily deploy their own private network, whilst leveraging ip.access’ private networking expertise and network management support.

Network Services

The following services are available via nanoHost:

  • CBSD radio deployment and network integration support
  • On Going Network Management, Performance Reporting and Wellness
  • Subscriber & Device Quality of Service Management
  • End to End Network Privacy with Data Encryption & Security

The nanoHost Advantage

nanoHost Works for You:

  • Cost optimized with low barriers to entry for all businesses and enterprises
  • Consolidates CBRS ecosystem to one Vendor
  • Both Cellular platform and IT integration experience
  • Total access for people, devices, machines and all things IoT


Fully hosted gateways and core network for the nanoCBRS solution

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