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Streamlining small cell deployment

Our award-winning Viper™ platform for small cells is an integrated, multi-technology, multi-operator cellular radio access solution that opens up a host of new commercial opportunities simply and cost-effectively.

Viper combines several ip.access products and technologies into a streamlined platform that dramatically simplifies small cell deployments - making deploying enhanced cellular coverage directly equivalent to enterprise Wi-Fi.

ip.access provides a range of award-winning commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) small cell solutions that can be easily integrated and operated within a wide range of specialist markets.

The solutions are built on 3GPP industry standard interfaces such as AoIP, Iuh, S1 and TR69 and deliver five nines availability and class-leading reliability.

The Viper platform

  • A family of plug-and-play cellular access points (APs) for small, medium and large indoor or outdoor deployments
  • Virtualised Gateways that securely handle and route all traffic between the APs and the operator’s core network
  • SUMO™ neutral host multi-operator LTE technology providing a single access point to enable shared network coverage and easy provision of private and shared spectrum networks, including License Shared Access (LSA), LTE in DECT Guard Band and OnGo/CBRS
  • Proven deployment models, integrated against all major core network vendors in hundreds of deployments worldwide


Click HERE to access our resources database and freely download product datasheets and solution guides.

Model BTS S8/S16 E16/24 S60 S62D E61 R30 R60
Use Case Enterprise Residential/SoHo/Enterprise SME/Enterprise SME/Enterprise SME/Enterprise SME/Enterprise Rural & Remote Rural & Remote
Radio 2G 3G 3G 4G 4G/3G 4G/OnGo 2G (1 or 2 TRX) 4G
Bands 2/3/5/8 1/2/5 1/2/5 FDD: 2 and 3 with 1/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/20/28 by request FDD: 3 with 1/2/4/5/ 7/8/12/13/14/17/20/28 by request
3G: 1 with 2/5 by request
TDD: 40 and 48 (CBRS) with 38/41/42/43 by request 8 with 5 by request By request:
FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/ 12/13/14/17/20/28
TDD: 38/40/41/42/ 43/48 (CBRS)
Data EDGE 200Kbps HSxPA
S8: 14.4/1.4Mbps
S16: 21/5.7Mbps
150/50Mbps 4G 150/50Mbps
3G 21/5.7Mbps
110/10Mbps EDGE
200Kbps per TRX
FDD: 150/50Mbps
TDD: 110/10Mbps
POE+ Std Option Std Option Std Std
No. Users 7 (14) 8/16 16/24 16/32 4G 16/32, 3G 16/24/30 32 14 or 30 32
Tx Pwr 23dBm S8: 13dBm
S16: 20dBm
24dBm 2x17dBm 4G 2x17dBm
3G 20dBm
2x24dBm 37dBm per TRX 2 x 37dBm
Pwr Cons <13W <8W / <10W <13.5W ~13W 24W ~16W 42W (no RF)
68W (One TRX max)
96W (Two TRX max)
EAP option: +16W
Cold start: 154W
EAP option: +16W
Power In 24V to 48V DC 24V to 48V DC

ip.access’ specialist small cell solutions serve a wide range of customers and use cases. 

Each specialist solution is delivered with full software integration support and operational advice from ip.access’s dedicated solutions team.

Mobile Network Operators – cutting-edge connectivity solutions for mobile network operators to improve cellular coverage, or to enable effective data monetisation and the creation of new revenue streams.
Aviation – our gold standard systems have enabled in-flight connectivity – including voice, SMS and data – for tens of millions of passengers since 2005.
Maritime – our small cell solutions deliver ubiquitous, reliable connectivity for shipping and maritime operations – both leisure and business – wherever it is needed.
Security & Defence – our small cell access points enable the creation of high security private networks and deliver dedicated coverage and capacity for defence and mission-critical services. Our award-winning presenceSensor system for Safe Cities provides a unique low-cost, micro-proximity sensor system for the protection of borders, points of entry and sensitive locations.
Private Networks – ip.access’s small cells offer a higher reliability cellular solution for deployment across a range of private network settings – from retail and tourism to industrial warehousing, educational campuses, and transportation and logistics. ip.access has successfully deployed live private networks across shared licensed spectrum, DECT Guardband, TV Whitespace and are key players in the race to provide OnGo solutions for the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in the USA.
Rural & Remote – from rural England to remote villages in the Amazon, ip.access’s small cells allow cost effective use of satellite backhaul solutions such as fixed and high-throughput satellite (FSS/HTS).
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