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Before introducing a new Radio Access Network (RAN) solution into their network, most customers choose to validate the new system’s design, its services and performance and how it is integrated into an existing solution first. Proof of Concept (PoC) or Friendly User Trial (FUT) deployments are designed to achieve exactly this objective. 

We will assign a dedicated Project Manager to assemble an experienced team and manage all aspects of RAN verification in your lab, through to a controlled and friendly user field trial, before launching a full Commercial Deployment.  

A detailed project plan showing key phases and milestones will be tracked throughout the projects life-cycle. 

The team will also work with you to establish the exact validation requirements, any particular key performance metrics or specific handset model to be tested and define the exit criteria for this project to be concluded.

Customer Support (CS)

Just like any other part of the network, your small cells need monitoring and managing. We’ll make it easy by helping you design and implement best-practice operation and management.

We can also provide Fault Diagnosis and Resolutions, Software roll-out, Preventative Maintenance activities, Health Checks and Network Audits.


Our most senior consultants are available to help you optimise every step of the small cells program.  If you are looking for specific skills, rather than a project managed service, we can provide tailored technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Technical Project Management
  • RAN Verification
  • System Design/IP expertise
  • Performance/KPI Monitoring
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