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ip.access offers carrier-grade OEM/SDR platforms, allowing integrators to quickly create and customise solutions specifically to their requirements. 

The OpenAir API enhances the standard 2G/3G/4G/5G applications by allowing deep analysis of air interface activity and the opportunity to directly influence subsequent events.

OpenAir is a flexible, user-friendly, software capability allowing users to influence, decode and command air interface behaviour and particular streams of information.  


S60z Multi-Band Support

The S60z module is a superior SDR solution targeted at specialist applications including security and surveillance, private networks and research and development. The S60z is low power, frequency flexible from 450MHz up to 3.8GHz, supporting all standard 3GPP bands, both FDD and TDD LTE. The module supports 2G, 3G and 4G in a single product, with R15 non-standalone (NSA) 5G primary cell capability by software upgrade.

The S60z AP module is based on the S60 LTE AP platform, and runs the same carrier-grade 3GPP stack and application software. This makes it easy for integrators to work with the family of S60 products in a unified way.

The S60z AP module includes a high-performance OCXO to deliver excellent frequency stability, as well as integrated GPS and IEEE1588 support, providing a multi-layered synchronisation mechanism for robust and accurate timing in both FDD and TDD.

E62 Multi-Radio Access Technology

E62, integrator carrier grade platform, is a compact format with dual-band radio, targeted at specialist applications including aviation, maritime, security and surveillance, private networks and research and development. The E62 comes with a fully managed, flexible cellular software stack and presents 3GPP compliant S1 and Iuh interfaces for 4G and 3G respectively. The module operates in 4G or 3G mode, and allows switching between these RATs under software control. This enables a single unit to support 4G or 3G in two different bands without any hardware changes.

Significantly, the E62 also provides R15 non-standalone (NSA) 5G primary cell capability by software upgrade, providing a future proof elegant migration to 5G.


Unbanded SDR Module for integrators

E62 AP Module

Multi-RAT AP Module for OEM integrators

OpenAir™ API

Leveraging carrier grade technology on our OEM/SDR platform

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