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The ip.access small cell solution offers a proven, low-cost and low-power 2G and 4G solution for rural and remote networks where reliable, high-quality performance is required.

We are proud that our solution provides connectivity to some of the most difficult to reach places on the planet, helping to reduce the digital divide, by delivering affordable connectivity and enhancing the quality of life for millions of people in communities ranging from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

ip.access has worked hard to create systems that are extremely cost-effective, power efficient and capable of deploying in areas where there is no existing communications or energy infrastructure – leveraging solar and battery power plus satellite backhaul technology, optimised to minimise bandwidth use and reduce transmission costs in order to make a compelling business case even with the lowest ARPU subscribers

Our systems are also regularly harnessed to restore vital communications in the aftermath of major humanitarian disasters, and have been integrated as part of the Award Winning Pre-Positioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit (PEAK) that government agencies and non-governmental organisations deploy in humanitarian aid and disaster relief situations. Visit our page on on Private Networks for Security/Rescue - to learn more.


Model R30 R60
Use Case Rural & Remote Rural & Remote
Radio 2G (1 or 2 TRX) 4G
Bands 8 with 5 by request By request:
FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/ 12/13/14/17/20/28
TDD: 38/40/41/42/ 43/48 (CBRS)
200Kbps per TRX
FDD: 150/50Mbps
TDD: 110/10Mbps
Power In 24V to 48V DC 24V to 48V DC
No. Users 14 or 30 32
Tx Pwr 37dBm per TRX 2 x 37dBm
Pwr Cons 42W (no RF)
68W (One TRX max)
96W (Two TRX max)
EAP option: +16W
Cold start: 154W
EAP option: +16W

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Ruggedised 2G small cell for rural and remote


Ruggedised 4G/3G small cell for outdoor, rural and remote

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