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Our solutions address civilian and government applications and use-cases, ranging from the securing of communications within defence and critical infrastructure to providing rapid deployable disaster response communications and search and rescue capabilities to the lost or injured.

We enable the rapid deployment of small form-factor, portable cellular networks. Whether operating over fixed-line broadband, point to point, via satellite backhaul or in standalone configuration our private network solutions deliver carrier-grade 5x9s quality, reliability and security, whenever and wherever required.

With the ability to establish communications within 15 minutes over a range of several kilometres, ip.access based systems create the robust and secure communication link that is vital for aid and relief workers to help find survivors, provide emergency medical help and request supplies (such as medicine, food and clothing), and for conveying real-time information to local, national or international authorities or aid agencies. This rapid set-up time is potentially life-saving in disaster relief and natural catastrophe scenarios.

Our systems are also regularly harnessed to restore vital communications in the aftermath of major humanitarian disasters, and have been integrated as part of the Award Winning Pre-Positioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit (PEAK) that government agencies and non-governmental organisations deploy in humanitarian aid and disaster relief situations.

Our portfolio of small cells interoperate with all 3GPP commercial handsets, ensuring reliability of service to all subscribers in range. 
Private network applications for security, search and rescue, often deployed over satellite, include:

Private network applications, often deployed and optimised over satellite, include:

•    Networks for Industrial IoT services (oil, gas, energy providers and utilities, port automation)

•    Networks for communications in fragile and remote environments for defence, governments and NGO applications 

•    Search and Rescue/First Responder/Disaster Response Enterprise Cellular Network (ECN) Solutions

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