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We are private network experts!

Our 2G, 3G and 4G radio solutions are deployed in hundreds of private networks around the globe. 

ip.access offers best-in-class private network solutions, that leverage our cellular radio expertise gained in deployments with the world’s most demanding mobile networks. Whatever your need, be it educational campus to healthcare provider, manufacturing facility to industrial IoT, real estate or retail, we have a small cell solution that meets your private network requirements. 

Whether operating over fixed-line broadband, point to point, satellite link or standalone, our private network solutions deliver carrier-grade 5x9s quality, reliability and security. Cellular connectivity whenever and wherever required. We offer a range of indoor and outdoor, small form factor, private network solutions based on our 3GPP compliant small cells portfolio.

As growth in private networks is set to explode, new and exciting business models are emerging. Enterprises are now procuring private networks and services, and by owning and operating their own networks, they are taking control of their security and communication needs. 

ip.access is excited about the opportunity offered by private networks and how cellular networks will be deployed in the future. Take a look at some of the market initiatives we are involved in below:

OnGo - Private LTE on the CBRS 3.5GHz band

Enterprises have been looking for improvements in wireless networks for years, and the need is becoming more urgent. A recent US study  conducted across 302 companies by Nemertes Research revealed that 86% of companies have already deployed a private Wi-Fi network. A full 25% of companies with an existing Wi-Fi network have concrete plans to begin replacing their primary network during 2019. 41% of these (roughly 10% of the overall enterprise market) are favouring a move to 4G and OnGo (CBRS 3.5GHz band) during 2020.

We offer a comprehensive OnGo-certified solution, enabling network operators, neutral host providers, system integrators and value-added resellers to deliver managed service private LTE networks across a range of use cases, including enterprise, hospitality, industry and IoT, healthcare and campus environments.

The end-to-end nanoCBRS solution set includes:

  • Our OnGo certified CBSD, the nanoCBRS™ E61 – providing best-in-class performance and EUD compatibility
  • IPsec Security Gateway for robust secure connections across any network, from CBSDs to other solution components
  • nanoLTE™ Gateway for aggregation of CBSD traffic and to simplify the connection to the EPC
  • Advanced management systems, including Enterprise Management Viewer, that optionally enables customers to manage their own CBSDs
  • EPC, providing data routing between EUDs, including voice call traffic, and enabling application functionality such as push-to-talk and, optionally, break out to external networks for wider connectivity
  • Domain Proxy gateway to the SAS that transparently routes CBSD connections with the SAS and enables rapid CBSD deployment
  • nanoCBRSLab™ modular small cell-based mobile network lab solution for OnGo-certified CBSDs – incorporating all of the elements necessary to create an OnGo mobile phone network, and providing a private network for myriad uses in and out of the laboratory including EUD and LTE device testing, mobile app testing and equipment interoperability testing.

Looking for Industry Partnerships: Get in touch if you are a system Integrator or Value Added Reseller with customers looking to take control of their networks.

DECT Guardband

Back in 2006 we were part of a group that successfully lobbied the UK regulator to free up the DECT Guardband spectrum for private use, and we’ve not stopped deploying since. 

In Europe, DECT Guardband spectrum was licensed for private use in the UK, Holland and Sweden. We’ve deployed with system integration partners Druid and CapX, with  VARs Mitel and Eclipse the Nursecall system, HPS/Konig Hartman nursecall and Pebbell end-user devices, along with MVNO partners Netmore and Borderlight SE.

LSA (Licensed Shared Access)

Several trials were conducted in 2.3GHz LTE-TDD spectrum under the LSA banner in Europe. 

The LSA ecosystem is eagerly watching the momentum and commercial results for CBRS in the USA. We expect CBRS private network deployments to pick up pace in 2019 and we look forward to serving the LSA ecosystem as it becomes live again.

TVWS (Television White Space)

ip.access has successfully deployed private networks in TVWS spectrum in partnership with Microsoft. Band 13 small cell products have been deployed in the UK as a “TVWS hub" for urban Internet connectivity as part of Project Belgrade. TVWS is available in many countries across the globe and is a valuable spectral for future private network applications.

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