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Presence for Safe Cities is a unique low-cost, micro-proximity sensor system that offers an exciting new way to protect borders, points of entry and sensitive locations.

In an age of smart cities, ip.access’s presenceSensor solution delivers real-time, always-on, presence-based cellular detection.

presenceSensor data provides government agencies, border agencies, and law enforcement agencies with exceptional and precise levels of location data for use in security and border protection systems. presenceSensor data can be used to help tackle some of the challenges we face today:

  • Handling threats to critical infrastructure elements such as power, transport and utilities
  • Tracking persons of interest to prevent serious crime
  • Tracking groups and individuals of interest
  • Preventing and reacting to emergency situations

presenceSensor data can be combined with other data sources to deliver meaningful, actionable, deterministic insights for relevant agencies. See Airport Use Case delivered in collaboration with our partners, FAST Systems.

ip.access offers a complete solution with two deployment models, hosted securely by ip.access or deployed locally.  Both deployment models integrate, as a significant additive capability, through APIs to existing security systems.

presenceSensors do not require integration into a mobile network operator core network, they function as a stand-alone sensor and are designed to capture critical user information that includes location, dwell time, IMSI and range, to support Big Data Analytics applications such as footfall analysis.

Presence for Safe Cities won the highest ranking prize – the ‘Special Award’ – at the 2018 Security Innovation Awards in Essen.








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