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What is Open RAN

Open RAN is not a technology, but rather an ongoing shift in the mobile network architecture that allows networks to be built using subcomponents from a variety of vendors. The key concept of Open RAN is ‘opening’ the protocols and interfaces between the various subcomponents (radios, hardware and software) in the Radio Access Network (RAN). As a technical matter this is what the industry refers to as a disaggregated RAN. The benefits of this approach include increased network agility and flexibility, increased innovation and cost savings." Open RAN Policy Coalition

Mavenir delivering 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G Open RAN to Operators

The Mavenir Multi Radio Access Technology (vMRAT), fully integrates 2G and 3G capabilities into the OpenRAN architecture. With fully containerised design of the baseband processing of CU and DU, it already supports 4G and 5G broadband technologies.

Open RAN Centre of Excellence and Innovation

ip.access, now a Mavenir Company, is leading the design and integration for the open virtualized Multi Radio Access Technology (vMRAT) development, focused specifically on the integration of the 2G and 3G capabilities. The aim is to give the industry a unique solution for MRAT OpenRAN which is completely built on virtualized architecture, integrating all the ‘multi-G’ cellular stacks from 2G to 5G.

There is a need for a new network: Open, End-to-End, Cloud Native and Automated. Mavenir has a proven record of transforming networks with software based models running on virtualised networks: Core, Access and Advanced Services – the building blocks of mobile network technology all on a webscale NFV platform.

Visit the Mavenir website to learn more about Open RAN

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