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ip.access has supplied the maritime industry over the last fifteen years, proudly providing small cell solutions supporting commercial operations and welfare systems. 

Crew retention and morale is a big issue for the industry, and cellular coverage for social media, voice and text connectivity while at sea is an important morale booster and crew turnover reducer.  In commercial cruise liners, passenger connectivity is increasingly seen as a must-have rather than an optional extra.

Our end-to-end small cell solutions, offering 2G/3G and 4G service, are optimised for deployment across a wide range of maritime scenarios, including the provision of carrier grade voice and data communication services for commercial ferry, cruise liner and oil rig operators.

Our solutions are successfully deployed in live private maritime networks around the globe, providing reliable and secure cellular service – for both leisure and business operations – wherever connectivity is required. 

The combination of ip.access small cells with optimised satellite backhaul ensures that seamless, low-cost cellular coverage can be provided throughout a vessel, enabling passengers and crew to make and receive calls and access cellular data services. In addition to offering voice and data connectivity for crew, passengers and staff services cellular connectivity offers a robust, efficient and secure solution for maritime industrial applications, proving more reliable and effective than Wi-Fi alternatives. 

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