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ip.access’s award-winning Viper™ platform delivers an integrated, 3G/4G Radio Access Network (RAN) solution that redefines the mobile infrastructure market and opens up a host of new commercial opportunities for the provision of cellular coverage.

Viper combines several ip.access products and technologies into a streamlined platform which dramatically simplifies small cell deployments - making deploying enhanced cellular coverage directly equivalent to enterprise Wi-Fi. Our comprehensive offering spans:

Viper’s combination of technologies reduces the capital and operational cost for operators by delivering a fully integrated platform that smooths deployment and speeds the delivery of flexible connectivity when and where it is required. The result: subscribers benefit from five-bar coverage exactly where they need it.

Small cell access points

ip.access’s small cells can be deployed with many of ip.access’s proven small cell access points (APs) for residential, small-office-home-office (SoHo), enterprise and rural/remote deployments.

ip.access’s award-winning SON (self-organising network) and network listen capabilities make AP installation easier than installing Wi-Fi. Requiring only Ethernet and power connections, our small cells can be installed by service partners or by end-users directly – without requiring MNOs to manage the deployment. Fully secured IP backhaul connects the APs to the Viper gateway, with no on-site gateways needed.

Viper APs support 3G, 4G (LTE, FDD & TDD) air interfaces in a variety of worldwide frequency bands, including the 3.5GHz Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). Capacities range from cost-optimised SoHo APs serving 8 simultaneous users, to flexible multi-band enterprise APs supporting hundreds of 4G users.

To explore the full range of small cell access points:

Neutral host multi-operator for LTE

At the heart of the Viper platform is SUMO for LTE, ip.access’s award-winning solution for delivering shared access multi-operator coverage per small cell.

Shared access small cells are the next progression in a path that began with the first tower sharing agreements. ip.access believes that the compelling cost-saving benefits that fuelled the success of the “cell site as differentiator” proposition are even more relevant – and can deliver even greater advantages – for the “spectrum as differentiator” proposition today.

SUMO small cells, whether delivered by MNOs or via a neutral host, are crucial for reducing capital and operational costs for operators. SUMO allows MNOs to share active infrastructure and spectrum, without losing control of the capacity each operator is able to offer its customers.

With SUMO, each access point (AP) broadcasts multiple PLMN codes on the same spectrum, and all users see the AP as a cell within their home network. A policy-based resource scheduler in the AP allocates capacity and bandwidth according to predefined rules managed via SLAs. The Viper gateway then securely routes all traffic to the appropriate core network for each operator, and traffic counters allow the traffic to be monetised.

Model BTS S8/S16 E16/24 E40 S60 S62D E61 R30 R60 LTE Mode
Use Case Enterprise Residential/SoHo/Enterprise SME/Enterprise SME/Enterprise SME/Enterprise SME/Enterprise SME/Enterprise Rural & Remote Rural & Remote
Radio 2G 3G 3G 4G 4G 4G/3G 4G/OnGo 2G (1 or 2 TRX) 4G
Bands 2/3/5/8 1/2/5 1/2/5 US: 2/4/13/17(12)
RoW: 1/3/7/20 and 3/7/8/20
FDD: 2 and 3 with 1/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/20/28 by request FDD: 3 with 1/2/4/5/ 7/8/12/13/14/17/20/28 by request
3G: 1 with 2/5 by request
TDD: 40 and 48 (CBRS) with 38/41/42/43 by request 8 with 5 by request By request:
FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/ 12/13/14/17/20/28
TDD: 38/40/41/42/ 43/48 (CBRS)
Data EDGE 200Kbps HSxPA
S8: 14.4/1.4Mbps
S16: 21/5.7Mbps
75/25Mbps 150/50Mbps 4G 150/50Mbps
3G 21/5.7Mbps
110/10Mbps EDGE
200Kbps per TRX
FDD: 150/50Mbps
TDD: 110/10Mbps
POE+ Std Option Std N/A Option Std Std
No. Users 7 (14) 8/16 16/24 16 16/32 4G 16/32, 3G 16/24/30 32 14 or 30 32
Tx Pwr 23dBm S8: 13dBm
S16: 20dBm
24dBm 2x21dBm 2x17dBm 4G 2x17dBm
3G 20dBm
2x24dBm 37dBm per TRX 2 x 37dBm
Access Mode Open Open or Closed Open Open Open Open Open Open Open
Pwr Cons <13W <8W / <10W <13.5W ~20W ~13W 24W ~16W 42W (no RF)
68W (One TRX max)
96W (Two TRX max)
EAP option: +16W
Cold start: 154W
EAP option: +16W
Power In 24V to 48V DC 24V to 48V DC
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