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Now more than ever, delivering consistent quality of service is essential as connectivity is not a luxury but a necessity.  Wherever life takes your customers they expect continuous connectivity and we are here to help deliver just that.  

As the creators of the first ever 2G Small Cell, ip.access has evolved as a company delivering an end to end, cloud enabled, small cell solution across all the Gs – 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE (FDD and TDD) and 5G. The award-winning Viper™ platform delivers an integrated, portfolio of small cells developed for MNOs offerring widest range of 3GPP bands, including availability of single-mode, and dual-mode operation (2G/4G & 3G/4G). 

  • Do your customers require better mobile coverage in their homes due to remote working and Covid-19?
  • Is the quality of your network being compromised by repeaters?
  • Are your customers switching providers due to poor Quality of Service (QoS) or lack of mobile coverage?
  • Are you suffering from new coverage holes due to spectrum re-farming?
  • Is your network presenting rural coverage gaps or not-spots?

ip.access has been delivering small cell cellular solutions to
Mobile Network Operators since 2002, designed to address all such challenges and deliver:

  • Optimised solutions for Residential, SME, So-Ho and
    Ultra Rural applications
  • award-winning SON (self-organising network) and network listen capabilities make AP installation easier than installing Wi-Fi
  • A low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for
    2G, 3G and 4G Radio Access Technology (RAT)
  • Fully virtualised multi-RAT gateways, what we call our nanoVirt virtualised gateways and management systems

At ip.access, we excel at designing, developing and delivering optimised small cell solutions.  With more than 3 million small cells deployed globally, our portfolio of small cells are deployed as an extension of the MNOs network delivering the expected QoS and ROI from the moment they are switched on.  

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Our award-winning Viper™ platform

Viper combines several ip.access products and technologies into a streamlined platform which dramatically simplifies small cell deployments - making deploying enhanced cellular coverage directly equivalent to enterprise Wi-Fi. Our comprehensive offering spans:

Viper’s combination of technologies reduces the capital and operational cost for operators by delivering a fully integrated platform that smooths deployment and speeds the delivery of flexible connectivity when and where it is required. The result: subscribers benefit from five-bar coverage exactly where they need it.

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