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The nanoLab solution provides all of the elements necessary to create a mobile phone network, in effect providing a private network that has countless uses in and out of the laboratory.

Here are a few applications for nanoLab:

  • UE testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Equipment compatibility testing
  • Hardware and/or software product functionality testing and verification
  • Customer demonstrations
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Forensic analysis

The elements of the nanoLab solution are:

  • Any combination of carrier grade 2G, 3G and 4G Access Points (APs)from ip.access, with 5G coming soon
  • A fully featured mobile core switching system, with an HSS and MSS including MSC, SGSN, SGW and MME, depending on selected radio technologies
  • A powerful management system, including the ip.access OMC-R, the ip.access Network Orchestration System and/or TR-069 ACS, depending on selected radio technologies
  • SIM cards for handsets and terminals (UEs) connecting to the system


Mobile network lab solution

Download the datasheet to learn more about the nanoLab features, such as Band support, Mobility, Virtualised Core Network and AP Management.

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