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The OnGo Opportunity

Enable your customers to take control of their own wireless communication needs.

OnGo is the practical realisation of LTE private networks in the now available CBRS 3.5GHz band. OnGo presents an opportunity for organistions to implement uncompromising connectivity, tailored to your customer’s requirements. OnGo empowers enterprises in any scenario that needs wireless connectivity.

As OnGo uses LTE as its foundational technology, it inherently includes low latency, security, privacy, mobility and, in the ip.access solution, carrier grade performance. According to a recent study by Nemertes* on the use of private networks across the US, security was listed as the top driver for deploying a private network, followed by efficiency improvements and the need to support IoT systems.
* Study conducted by ip.access in September 2019 across 10 verticals, with a total of 302 participants.

The ip.access nanoCBRS solution

We offer a comprehensive OnGo-certified solution, enabling network operators, neutral host providers, system integrators and value-added resellers to deliver managed service private LTE networks across a range of use cases, including enterprise, hospitality, industry and IoT, healthcare and campus environments.

The end-to-end nanoCBRS solution set includes:

  • Our OnGo certified CBSD, the nanoCBRS™ E61 – providing best-in-class performance and EUD compatibility
  • IPsec Security Gateway for robust secure connections across any network, from CBSDs to other solution components
  • nanoLTE™ Gateway for aggregation of CBSD traffic and to simplify the connection to the EPC
  • Advanced management systems, including Enterprise Management Viewer, that optionally enables customers to manage their own Private CBRS Network
  • Hosted or Self-Provided Evolved Packet Core (EPC), providing secure data routing between devices, including voice call traffic and enabling application functionality such as push-to-talk and, optionally, break out to external networks for wider connectivity
  • Domain Proxy, a gateway to the SAS that transparently routes CBSD connections with the SAS and enables rapid CBSD deployment

The ip.access Advantage

We bring a mature deployment philosophy to OnGo, which integrates access points with cloud based or fully virtualized on-premise service gateways and management systems delivering a robust, reliable and fully secure private network solution.

The ip.access nanoCBRS Solution allows YOU to decide how YOU want to consume CBRS Technology: 

  • nanoHost TRIAL - Sign up today!
    • ip.access’ nanoHost provides the turnkey CBRS experience

    • Fully hosted nanoCBRS Solution with complete services offering for Enterprises

    • Options for Host-Routed or Local Routed user data for enhanced security and privacy

    • One Simple Monthly Fee per CBSD

  • nanoOnSite:
    • nanoCBRS Solution Software and E61 CBSDs hosted by the Enterprise
    • Onsite user data routing for enhanced security and privacy
    • Customer provides Spectrum Access System management and Evolved Packet Core Platform
  • nanoHybrid
    • nanoCBRS Solution Network Management Software cloud- hosted

    • Local onsite user data routing for enhanced security and privacy

    • Host provides Spectrum Access System management, Subscriber Quality of Service & Authentication Platform




the OnGo certified solution For Private Networks

nanoCBRS™ E61 CBSD

4G Enterprise CBSD for enterprise environments


Fully hosted gateways and core network for the nanoCBRS solution

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