The ultimate customer personalisation

presenceCells unlock new high value services

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Connected throughout the home

Residential small cells for service providers

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The ultimate customer service

presenceCells for precise customer insight

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Keeping your customers connected

Enterprise small cells for service providers

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Small Cells

Complete range of 2G, 3G & 4G small cells. For Residential, SoHo, SME & medium to large Enterprise applications.


Flexible, scalable Small Cell Gateways with optimal entry pricing.

Management System

Solution Management and OSS integration for configuration, KPIs and Fault Management.

Small Cells Industry Award 2016

ip.access’s Viper platform, supports two critical areas of small cell evolution - virtualization and multi-operator support. The judges were particularly happy to recognize a company which played a significant role in the very beginnings of the small cell industry, and continues to innovate today.

Press Releases

ip.access launches major update to Presence data monetisation service
ip.access has launched a major upgrade of its Presence data monetisation service with the release of a new next generation sensor.

JT Group and ip.access deploy nanoVirt Small Cell Controller into 3G network
nanoVirt virtualized small cell gateway integrated into existing 3G Small Cell deployment in the Channel Islands of Guernsey & Jersey

ip.access launches nanoVirt Small Cell Gateway
Virtualised 2G/3G/4G solution lowers total cost-of-ownership

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