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31st May 2017 RCRWireless News
Neutral host, multi-carrier small cell model gets industry accolade
17th May 2017 Enterprise IoT Insights
Smart assets and NB-IoT: the case for small cells
17th May 2017 Total Telecom
ip.access updates Viper2020 small cell platform
17th May 2017 TMC News
Viper2020 Cloud Managed Small Cell platform - Support for 5G Services, First Responders and Neutral Host Networks with Presence™
3rd May 2017 RCRWireless News
How multi-carrier small cells can solve the middleprise coverage problem
23rd April 2017 Business Weekly
ip.access and AeroMobile toast in-flight mobile connectivity milestone

Archive Coverage



21st December 2016 The Register
Radical 5G rules proposed, but UK can address woeful coverage right now
12th December 2016 Telecom Engine
ip.access Backs Shared Spectrum Solution to Improve UK Rural Coverage
9th December 2016 Electronics Weekly
Compulsory roaming is not the best way to improve mobile coverage
27th October 2016 Total Telecom
ip.access addresses indoor coverage challenges
24th October 2016 Wireless
ip.access launches update to Presence data monetisation service
18th October 2016 Vanilla+
The future of data monetisation - maximising location data monetisation at the micro level
4th October 2016 RCRWireless News
Reality Check: The need for new spectrum sharing and small cell strategies
1st March 2016 Wireless
ip.access announced three new small-cell LTE access points and a 4G access control gateway at Mobile World Congress
23rd February 2016 Wireless
ip.access collaborates with Intel on next generation radio access
23rd February 2016 telecompaper
Ip.access unveils new products at Mobile World Congress
23rd February 2016 total telecom
ip.access announces new products to support demand for 4G small cells
23rd February 2016 TelecomReseller
ip.access announces new products at Mobile World Congress to support growing demand for 4G small cells
18th February 2016 Wireless
ip.access launches Viper small cells as a service platform
15th February 2016 FierceWireless
ip.access leverages Intel SoC to push small cells beyond mobile operators
15th February 2016 Computer Business Review
Is it time for enterprises to start caring about mobile small cells?
15th February 2016 Mobile Europe
ip.access aiming to simplify small cells as it extends Intel partnership
15th February 2016 telecompaper
Ip.access, Intel collaborate on small cell products
15th February 2016 total telecom
ip.access collaborates on next-generation radio access
15th February 2016 total telecom
ip.access joins forces with CCS to simplify small cell deployment
15th February 2016 telecompaper
Ip.access creates outdoor LTE small cell with CCS
12th February 2016 telecoms
Viper small cell platform launched by ip.access to exploit 3.5 GHz band for LTE
12th February 2016 LAND mobile
In-building insulation: pulling up the drawbridge
10th February 2016 total telecom
Ip.access launches Viper small cell platform
10th February 2016 telecompaper
Ip.access launches Viper small cell platform
10th February 2016 LAND mobile
ip.access launches Viper small cell platform


10th July 2015 Creative Bloq
How ecommerce can help drive physical shop sales
24th June 2015 Mobile Industry Review
Retailers need to focus on retail technology to drive footfall
15th June 2015 GPS Business News
Technology Helps Wireless Operators Compete in Beacon, Retail Intelligence Market
3rd June 2015 LightReading
ip.access Wins Batelco Small Cell Biz in Bahrain
3rd June 2015 WirelessMag
ip.access rolls out multi-million dollar Batelco small cell contract
3rd June 2015 Gulf Daily news
Batelco in deal to boost network performance
19th May 2015 Electronics
Small cells are coming and they need to be tested
4th March 2015 Information Age
Will small cells be extinct by 2020?
3rd March 2015 The Register
90% of mobile data eaten by TINY, GREEDY super-user HOTSPOTS
2nd March 2015 Wireless Mag
Vodafone deploys ip.access presenceCells for consumer presence services
2nd March 2015 Smart Chimps
Vodafone and ip.access launch presence services
26th February 2015
Vodafone and ip.access launch next generation of high precision Presence Services
26th February 2015 Mobile Industry Review
Vodafone and ip.access launch next-gen presence services
19th February 2015 Wireless-Mag
In-building coverage set for take-off
9th February 2015 The Register
Crap mobile coverage costs UK biz £30m a week, reckons survey
9th February 2015 Channel Biz
Mobile industry fails office workers with poor signals
26th January 2015 Light Reading
Amdocs, ip.access Team for Indoor Small Cells
26th January 2015 Mobile Europe
ip.access and Amdocs push for connectivity with new team-up




18th December 2012 Wireless Evolution
ip.access and the Beauty of Multiple Small Cell Telecom
15th November 2012 Radio Electronics
ip.access deploys picocells in Azerbaijan airport
15th November 2012 Telecom Paper
Nar Mobile to provide inflight communications
12th November 2012 TMC net
DOCOMO PACIFIC to Install ip.access 3G Small Cells
14th August 2012 LTE-depot
ip.access shipped an LTE-only version of its new E-100 access point
14th August 2012 Light Reading
ip.access Ships First LTE 4G Small Cells
14th August 2012 Mobile Europe
ip.access says LTE small cell now with five customers
25th June 2012 Mobile Dev & Design
Management Tools Accelerate Small Cell Deployment
25th June 2012 Light Reading
ip.access Adds Small-Cell Management
5th June 2012 BBC
Remote parts of Congo may soon get mobile coverage
5th June 2012 engadget
Congo femtocell pilot could spawn DIY mobile networks for isolated communities
4th June 2012 Gigaom
How femtocells are connecting the Congo
8th March 2012 Mobile Dev & Design
Scaled-Up Small Cells Conquer Data Deluge
28th February 2012 Light Reading
ip.access Supplies Zain
27th February 2012 Business Weekly
Middle East deal for ip.access
27th February 2012 Total Telecom
Winners of the third annual World Vendor Awards 2012
27th February 2012 Meed
ip.access to supply small cell technology to Zain Bahrain
21st February 2012 Light Reading
TE, ip.access Intro Combo Base Station With DAS
21st February 2012 4G Portal
TE Connectivity and ip.access introduce integrated small cell and DAS
21st February 2012 World Telecoms News
TE, ip.access to launch small cell, DAS for WCDMA services
21st February 2012 RCR Wireless
DAS and picocelles come together
19th February 2012 Fierce Broadband Wireless
IP.access LTE small cell prepped for field trials in 1Q 2013
16th February 2012 Light Reading
Femto Firm Preps LTE Small Cell
16th February 2012 Total Telecom
LTE small cell from ip.access to deploy in early 2013
16th February 2012
Small cell maturity raises management issues
16th February 2012 Converge Network Digest
ip.access Develops Dual mode LTE/3G AP with Freescale
16th February 2012 Computer World
3G, 4G, Wi-Fi coming together in small cells
16th February 2012 RCR Wireless
Small cells attract big players in semiconductor industry
6th February 2012 Rethink Wireless
ip.access nets small cell deal with Telenor Group
3rd February 2012
Telenor signs with ip.access for small cells
3rd February 2012 Light Reading
Telenor Picks ip.access for Small Cells
26th January 2012 Mobility Techzone
Bangladesh Mobile Operator Taps nanoGSM Picocells to Boost Indoor Coverage in Capital Dhaka
19th January 2012 Mobile News
2012 predictions: ip.access senior vice president Dr Andy Tiller
16th January 2012 TMCnet
ip.access appoints new VP Worldwide Customer Operations
16th January 2012 Light Reading
ip.access Appoints Customer Operations VP


20th December 2011 Wireless Week
Being Small Is Going to be Big in 2012
13th December 2011 Business Weekly
ip.access raises $15m to expand reach and products
13th December 2011 Light Reading
UK Femto Firm Bags $15M
12th December 2011 TechCrunch
‘Small Cell’ Maker ip.access Raises $15M From Intel, Qualcomm And Others
7th December 2011 gizmag
ip.access unveils "unique" portable Advanced Femtocell Concept
6th December 2011 The Wall Street Journal
Miniature Cellphone Booster Has Wi-Fi Flexibility
5th December 2011 Mobile Europe
ip.access demonstrates pocket-sized femtocell concept
5th December 2011 Slash Gear
ip.access AFC portable femtocell offloads 3G/4G to WiFi
5th December 2011 Light Reading
ip.access Shows Portable Femto Concept
2nd November 2011 ThinkFemtocell
Spotlight on ip.access femtocell and their small cell solutions
1st November 2011 TMCnet
ip.access Unveils nanoConverge Solution to Provide Easy Upgrade Path to LTE Deployments
25th October 2011 Connected Planet
IP.Access unifying femto, small cell gateway
31st August 2011 The Sunday Times
Britains surfs the digital wave
17th August 2011 Wireless Week
Small Cell Provider Seeing Bigger Returns
16th August 2011 Light Reading
UK Femto Firm Fired Up for Growth
16th August 2011 TMCnet
Small Cells Hit the Big Time
16th August 2011 Business Weekly
ip.access hits world femtocells pinnacle
16th August 2011 Wireless Week
Small Cell Provider Seeing Bigger Returns
27th July 2011 Business Weekly
ip.access signs African distribution deal
27th June 2011 Mobile Europe
ip.access announces femtocell products
23rd June 2011 HealthTech Zone
Femto Forum Announces Winners of the Femtocell Industry Awards 2011
23rd June 2011 Business Weekly
ip.access wins Femto Forum award
20th June 2011 Business Weekly
ip.access expands 3G coverage and capacity
17th June 2011 Infonetics
Samsung, Cisco/ip.access lead nascent femtocell market, set to hit $300 million in 2011
17th June 2011 Telecom TV
Just a little diagnostic help for self-organising femtos
8th June 2011 Network World
How to improve the smartphone experience inside the enterprise
9th May 2011 RCR Wireless
Femtocells are growing up
28th February 2011
Baby Boom
28th February 2011 GSMA Mobile Business Briefing
Ten things I think I think after #MWC11
25th February 2011
Video interview with Dr Andy Tiller at MWC 2011
16th February 2011 TCMnet
Roshan Selects Lotus to Extend Mobile Service in Afghanistan
15th February 2011 ComputerWorld
Femtocells grow into the enterprise space
15th February 2011
Femtocells grow into the enterprise space
14th February 2011 Informilo
25 Hottest Mobile Companies
9th February 2011 MobileB2B pro
How to make sure you always get good mobile reception at home
18th January 2011 Light Reading Mobile
Femto Firm Hits the High Street



1st October 2009 Voice & Data
2G picocells are the most cost-effective way for mobile SPs
22nd September 2009 Rethink Wireless
AT&T goes live with femtocells, but skips HSPA+
10th September 2009 TelecomTiger
Picocell as a tool for Customer Retention, the ip.access way
19th May 2009 Cambridge Evening News
Stephen Mallinson Interview
30th March 2009 WirelessMoves
Picocells in Action
11th February 2009 Unstrung
SFR Deploys Picos
10th February 2009 Total Telecom
Femtocell rollouts expected late 2009 - ip.access
6th February 2009 The Engineer Online
Mobiles for mariners
4th February 2009 Mobile Europe
3G in the enterprise - ip.access on video
3rd February 2009 BBC News online
Mobiles connect across the waves
5th January 2009 TMCnet
ip.access named number one picocell vendor by ABI Research


5th November 2008 Tornado Insider
Philip Rimell joins ip.access as COO
15th October 2008 European Comms
Taking 3G inside
5th September 2008 Mobile Europe
RAN Special Focus Femtocells - Standard approach set to boost femto market
7th July 2008 Mobile Europe TV
Interview with Stephen Mallinson
2nd July 2008 Sky News
Will Femtocells Boost Your Mobile?
12th June 2008 CNBC
New Technologies on the Mobile Market
21st May 2008 The Register
Big news for small cells
21st May 2008 Financial Times Online
Qualcomm buys into UK wireless group
21st May 2008 Reuters
Qualcomm takes stake in femtocell firm ip.access
14th February 2008 The Economist
Might femtocells be the personal computers of the wireless industry?
13th February 2008 CNN Video
What the Femotocell can do
11th February 2008 The Times
Mobile calls to be routed via broadband
30th January 2008 Techworld
Femto cells get real
30th January 2008 Light Reading
TeliaSonera Tackles Indoor Coverage
30th January 2008 Tornado Insider
ip.access boosts indoor mobile coverage for TeliaSonera business customers in Denmark
23rd January 2008 The Guardian
Investment rush for free mobile calls gadget
23rd January 2008 International Herald Tribune
Cisco to buy stake in femtocell maker ip.access
23rd January 2008 Total Telecom
Cisco backs femtocells with ip.access investment
3rd January 2008 European Communications


3rd December 2007
10 gadgets to wish for this Xmas
2nd December 2007 International Herald Tribune
In-home cellphone links, or femtocells, could be next revolution
14th November 2007 GSMA Mobile Asia Congress Daily
HSDPA focus on femtocell access (page 6)
7th September 2007 Telecom Asia
A base station in every home
26th July 2007 BBC online
Home cells signal mobile change
13th July 2007 TelecomTV
The rise of the Femtocell
11th July 2007
ip.access dangles femtocells afore Softbank
9th July 2007
Indoor 3G coverage on the way
6th July 2007 Reuters
Bringing 3G home
6th July 2007
Wifi gateways get femtocells
6th July 2007
Old wine meets new technology as femtocells hit the cellars
6th July 2007
U.K. to Test Improved Indoor 3G Coverage by Year-End
6th July 2007
The Femto Forum Announces ip.access as Initial Member
4th July 2007
Japan calls on ip.access expertise
4th July 2007
ip.access Part of SoftBank Femtocell Demo
24th May 2007 EE Times Asia
Femtocell tech enhances indoor mobile coverage
22nd May 2007 Reuters
Device can boost indoor mobile coverage: UK firm
30th March 2007 Total Telecom
3G femtocells could help operators save $45 per user a year - report
18th March 2007 The Sunday Times
Airlines clear mobiles for take-off
14th February 2007 Light Reading
Sonus, IP.access Partner
14th February 2007 IT Analysis
Sonus Networks And Ip.access Partner To Drive Fixed/Mobile Convergence Forward
14th February 2007 Unstrung
Sonus, IP.access Partner
13th February 2007 The Register
ip.access opens Oyster femtocell to the world
13th February 2007 World IT Report
ip.access' Oyster 3G is 2007's best radio access product
13th February 2007 IT Backbones Wireless News
ip.access And Thomson Collaborate To Deliver Integrated 3G Femtoce...
12th February 2007 Total Telecom
ip.access gains funding
12th February 2007 Wireless Warrior
ip.access announces successful further funding round
12th February 2007 Computing News
ip.access Announces Successful Further Funding Round
12th February 2007 Total Telecom
ip.access Announces Successful Further Funding Round
12th February 2007 Total Telecom
ip.access, Thomson collaborate
12th February 2007 Wireless Warrior
ip.access and Thomson Collaborate to Deliver Integrated 3G
12th February 2007 T3
Rescue signals!
6th February 2007 Financial Times Online
Alcatel Lucent establishes strategic relationship with ip.access;
6th February 2007 Unstrung
IP.access, ALU Team
6th February 2007 Wireless Warrior
Alcatel Lucent Establishes Strategic Relationship with
6th February 2007 Unstrung
IP.access, ALU Team
6th February 2007 World IT Report
Alcatel Lucent Establishes Strategic Relationship with ip.access
17th January 2007 Telephony World
17th January 2007 Financial Times Online
ip.access shortlisted for Global Mobile Award alongside Nokia and Cisco
17th January 2007 Wireless Warrior
ip.access shortlisted for Global Mobile Award alongside Noki
17th January 2007 IT Analysis
ip.access shortlisted for global mobile award alongside Nokia and Cisco
17th January 2007 Wireless Warrior
ip.access shortlisted for global mobile award alongside Nokia and Cisco
17th January 2007
ip.access shortlisted for global mobile award alongside Nokia and Cisco
17th January 2007 Telephony
ip.access shortlisted for global mobile award alongside Nokia and Cisco


21st December 2006 News Blaze
NexWave Technologies and ip.access Team Up to Distribute Picocell
21st December 2006 Total Telecom
NexWave, ip.access team up
21st December 2006 Wireless Warrior
NexWave Technologies and ip.access team up to distribute
8th December 2006 Telecom Paper
FMS Group taps ip.access for nanoGSM technology
8th December 2006 Light Reading
FMS Picks IP.access
8th December 2006 Wireless Week
News Briefs for Dec. 8, 2006
8th December 2006 Telecom Paper
FMS Group taps ip.access for nanoGSM technology
8th December 2006 High Beam
ip.access GSM picocells deployed by new UK spectrum licensee FMS
8th December 2006
ip.access GSM picocells deployed by new UK spectrum licensee FMS
8th November 2006 Engineer Live
Femtocell companies take aim at new markets
24th October 2006 New Electronics
3G meets broadband
11th October 2006
T-Mobile rolls out picocells

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