Carrier grade small cell radio solutions

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Virtualised gateways

Virtualised gateways are another key technology for minimising the deployment and operational costs of small cell networks and ip.access’ nanoVirt gateways are a core component of the Viper platform.

nanoVirt gateways integrate ip.access’ Network Orchestration System, 3G Access Controller and Security Gateway into a fully virtualised carrier-grade solution. nanoVirt utilises all the capabilities of a virtual environment, including a HyperVisor and Virtual Switch, and allows several thousand access points to be supported using inexpensive commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IT hardware.

nanoVirt is delivered as a software solution which can be deployed by mobile operators and neutral hosts on their preferred server hardware, or hosted in a third-party data centre.

By removing the need for on-premise gateways entirely, nanoVirt offers significant advantages in terms of streamlining day-to-day network operations and simplifying maintenance and support.

nanoVirt also minimises the impact on the mobile operator’s existing macro network of deploying more small cells in a network. The Viper gateway wraps all the small cells into a single “underlay” cell, managing handovers to and from the existing macro network, as well as handovers between small cells.

As a result, deployment of additional small cells into the network is a simple plug-and-play process, enabling cost effective self-install by smaller businesses, and allowing AP rollouts to be funded by the network operator, channel partners, or the end-users themselves for a truly scalable small cell network.

Carrier-grade Virtualised Gateways for 3GPP small cell deployments

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