Carrier grade small cell radio solutions

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Viper Small Cells

As MNOs are under pressure to meet enterprise demands for better indoor cellular coverage, ip.access has created the award-winning Viper™ platform - an integrated, multi-operator 3G/4G RAN solution that is set to redefine the mobile infrastructure market and open up a host of new commercial opportunities for the provision of indoor cellular coverage.

Viper combines several ip.access products and technologies into an enterprise-focused platform which dramatically simplifies small cell deployments - making deploying enhanced cellular coverage directly equivalent to enterprise Wi-Fi and removing the ‘deployment burden’ from MNOs entirely.

The Viper platform consists of:

A family of plug-and-play 2G, 3G and 4G small cell access points (APs) for small, medium and large enterprise deployments
Virtualised Gateways which securely handle and route all traffic between the APs and the operator’s core network
SUMO™ multi-operator technology, allowing a single access point to provide coverage for all networks
Proven, As A Service deployment models, including core network integration, AP deployment, and network operation

Viper’s combination of technologies reduces the capital and operational cost for operators by allowing them to share active infrastructure and spectrum, without losing control of the capacity each operator is able to offer its customers. Result: Subscribers benefit from five bar coverage where they need it.

Viper’s deployment model also enables service partners to install cellular small cells as part of a managed roll out, or even for APs to be mailed out direct to end-users for unplanned or spontaneous deployments within small enterprises.

Virtualised In-Premise Enterprise RAN platform

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