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The importance of Neutral Host Multi-Operator Small Cells

Neutral Host, Multi-Operator Small Cells deliver economically viable in-building solutions, unlocking new commercial opportunities in the ‘Middleprise’, which represents a large segment of the in-building wireless market

MWC17: A Big Year for Small Cells

Small cells have been around a long time but have never been deployed on a very large scale to date, but a number of market drivers suggest that more widespread deployments could be on the horizon, says Nick Johnson from ip.access.

Mobile World Live - Interview at MWC17

CEO Malcolm Gordon tells David Pringle why 2017 will be a big year for small cells.

Mobile World Congress 2016

Malcolm Gordon, CEO of ip.access, discusses the rapid growth of the Enterprise small cell market, the company’s Viper end-to-end small cell platform, and the potential for Citizen’s Broadband and Licensed Shared Access.

Designing the radio access network for virtualisation Telecom TV Interviews Nick Johnson

By virtualising the environment in which the software runs, you can collapse the hardware down to a smaller number of servers and run more efficiently. The same logic is now being applied to the radio access network, although there is much more bespoke hardware in a mobile network than a data centre. That's the challenge for small cell manufacturers looking to implement NFV in mobile. Maintaining session continuity across a virtualised network is essential.

Small Cells restore communications in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

Winners of the award for Social impact -- promoting small cells for social/economic/environmental development. When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November 2013, killing more than 6,000 people and wreaking widespread devastation, a small cell system developed by ip.access, Private Mobile Networks (PMN) and TLC Solutions (TLC) restored vital communications in some of the worst affected areas of the country in the early aftermath of the disaster, which helped humanitarian aid workers to save lives and support survivors. The small cell system is part of the Pre-Positioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit (PEAK) that the U.S. Department of Defense deploys in humanitarian aid and disaster relief situations.

ip.access Presence Cells Unlock the Value of Location Data

The presenceCell from ip.access is a new breed of small cell designed to capture precise, user location data. This big data enabler opens up opportunities for mobile operators to create a new line of revenue-generating services

Webinar with ThinkSmallCell: Small Cells Going To Volume

How do Small Cells fit within the Operator's tool kit for providing improved indoor service?
Is there a perfect recipe to deployment roll-outs that maximises ROI and lowers TCO?
During this webinar we share insights of recent research by Yankee Group and look into the factors motivating operator small cell deployments. We challenge the operator community to think differently whilst presenting powerful technical and business reasons for a change of approach.

Small Cells Wi-Fi Convergence Demo - by Nick Johnson

The integration of Cellular Technologies like LTE and 3G with Wi-Fi is a hot topic in telecommunications. The industry is heading down a core convergence route to solve a lot of issues to do with authentication, accounting, lawful intercept, uniform traffic shaping and so on. What it doesn't deal with is the major issue with public Wi-Fi - real-time congestion.
In this demo, we show how ip.access LTE basestations can be combined with regular out-the-box Wi-Fi Access Points to achieve the nirvana of a congestion optimised, standards compliant, multi-technology radio access network.

Small cells, hetnets and interoperability - by Nick Johnson

ip.access CTO & Founder, Nick Johnson speaking on behalf of the Small Cells Forum as Chairman of the Radio and Physical Layer Working Group. Here Nick outlines some key technical challenges which the Forum and the market will be addressing this coming year... How will the networks cope with managing multiple technologies across the different layers and the load balance between the 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi technologies?

Making the case for multi-vendor small cell co-ordination with ip.access CTO Nick Johnson

In this video interview Nick Johnson, CTO tells Keith Dyer that to boost the ability of operators to meet their customer needs, the industry should move towards open standards that foster interoperability between vendors. He also speaks about how small cells can be managed within the overall operator network, giving operators the ability to manage the small cell layer end to end, co-ordinated with the macro layer.

ip.access announces half a million femtocells deployed

ip.access have recently announced to be powering over half a million 3G Access Points deployed live in homes, offices and mobile network hotspots worldwide. In this video, Simon Brown, CEO at ip.access will walk us through what this announcement really means for the company and give some further insight into the release.

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