Carrier grade small cell radio solutions

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Vertical Applications

ip.access provides a range of award winning commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) small cell solutions that can be easily integrated and operated within a wide range of specialist markets.

ip-access’ proven solutions are built on 3GPP industry standard interfaces such as AoIP, Iuh, S1 and TR69 and deliver five nines availability with exceptional reliability for applications that demand longer MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) and more robustness than traditional MNO deployments.

The markets served by ip.access’ specialist solutions include:

Transport – ip.access’ solutions can be used to create hyper-mobile networks for the aviation, maritime and rail industries where users would have poor to no coverage from the macro network
Rural & Remote – from rural England to remote villages in the Amazon, ip.access’ small cells allow cost effective use of satellite backhaul solutions such as fixed and high-throughput satellite (FSS/HTS)
Security & Surveillance – Civil protection, humanitarian aid and military deployments are among the uses of our small cell access points when deployed as a public or private ‘network in a box’. Despite their femto designation, APs allow partner to extend the RF to boost the range far in excess of a traditional small cell
Private Networks – this term is usually used when small cells are deployed in ‘closed’ mode, creating a private in-building network.  Delivering a private network to businesses which are deprived of cellular coverage, or require their own secure network for private communications or to run specialist applications. 

Each specialist solution is delivered with full software integration support and operational advice from ip.access’ dedicated solutions team.

S60z Unbanded AP Module
Unbanded 4G/3G AP Module for Vertical Applications

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