Carrier grade small cell radio solutions

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Fast and simple to deploy, the presenceSensors sit alongside the existing network without consuming valuable network connection resources, and with no need for complex network management and integration.

presenceSensors do not connect into the core network, but are designed to capture critical user information including location, dwell time, IMSI, IMEI and range, to support Big Data Analytics applications such as footfall analysis.

 “Always On” Location

Unlike location systems with only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which require users to turn on, opt-in and download an app, presenceSensors use the cellular network protocol to capture information from passing handsets - automatically, securely, and with no user intervention required.

The collected data can be enriched, anonymised and fed to other partners, unlocking valuable new revenue opportunities for the mobile operator.

Example of presence data analysis showing the number of unique devices detected on an hourly basis

P110 presenceSensor
P110 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth Sensor

P60 presenceSensor
LTE Sensor for advance Presence solutions

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