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Presence applications

Presence empowers operators with a seamless mechanism to monetise location data across the broadest set of use cases such as retail footfall, outdoor digital media, events, card payment verification, transport, smart buildings and geo-fencing.

Simple and fast to deploy, Presence delivers value from the moment it is switched on by unlocking a series of high accuracy location verification services.

Here are some examples:


Presence has the ability to provide insight on footfall in a store, or around a specific promotion or to track detailed progress around a venue or larger shopping mall. While they are in the mall, consumers can opt in to receive special offers or promotions. In fact, if a shopper has linked a mobile number to their store loyalty card, highly relevant offers can be made direct to their phone while they are actually in the shop.


Presence can be deployed to help fight fraud and provide an enhanced layer of security to mobile commerce often leading to smoother faster transactions – corroborating presence at a terminal with a mobile payment for example.

Outdoor digital media

Presence can be used to track who has viewed an advertisement and for how long. This data can then be used to compare the success of the same advertisement across different locations. It also opens up the opportunity for media companies to introduce dynamic pricing structures based on precise knowledge of specific traffic profiles.


P110 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth Sensor

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