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Data monetisation

For operators, the volume of anonymised subscriber data that is generated via their networks is an increasingly valuable asset. This data is vital to gaining more insight into their business, and more insight into customers and their buying patterns. It also represents a major opportunity in terms of opening up new revenue streams. As a result, monetising this data is becoming a key strategic priority.

While the business model for generating revenue from location data has already been proven at the macro network level, operators continue to look for technologies that can maximise the value that can be realised from their network location data at the ‘micro-proximity’ level.

Presence from ip.access has been designed specifically to unlock the full value of this micro-proximity data. Irrespective of your data set requirements (licensed spectrum, unlicensed or BLE), ip.access has a proven solution which delivers rapid ROI and the ability to open up new markets and revenue streams.

P110 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth Sensor

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