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Fine-grained ‘micro-proximity’ data represents a huge commercial opportunity for MNOs – opening up the possibility to significantly scale their data revenues.

Presence from ip.access unlocks the full value of micro-proximity data based on 3G licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum and Bluetooth.  Delivering data that effortlessly provides greater insights into your customers’ buying patterns, demographics and more - all within a robust privacy, permissions and policy framework.

Presence delivers fine grain location analytics and phone identity data, resolved down to 5-10 metres or better, within indoor or urban deployment environments.

Unlike location systems with only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which require users to turn on, opt-in and download an app, Presence uses cellular network protocol to capture information from passing handsets – automatically, securely and with no user intervention required.  The collected data can be enriched, anonymised and fed to other partners, unlocking valuable new revenue opportunities for the mobile operator.

Presence has already been selected by a number of global telecoms, financial services, retail and IoT customers.

P110 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth Sensor

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