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Poor coverage and quality are major causes of business customer churn. The nano3G and  nanoGSM picocells help operators win and keep both 2G and 3G business customers by giving them their own private cells.

Picocells help operators:

  • Differentiate from commodity networks
  • Increase revenues from voice and data
  • Offer competitive in-office tariffs
  • Decrease churn

Our picocell portfolio


The end-to-end picocell and femtocell solution

The only turnkey picocell/femtocell solution that lets you scale your up-front integration efforts and cost. Choose from the simplest, fastest provisioning to fully automated residential deployment.  Find out more


The world’s most deployed picocell

Reduces 2G capex with low cost base stations and reduces opex with simple, straightforward IP backhaul. Find out more

Picocell benefits

ip.access picocells provide fast, low-cost coverage and capacity where operators need it most. So you sell more minutes while supporting your best customers with the most up-to-date services.

With our picocells, you can keep your enterprise customers happy while improving macro cell performance. Picocells provide a flexible, low impact and high-performance solution that integrates easily with all core networks.

  • Generate more voice and data usage while supporting an operator’s most important customers with the best quality of service
  • Reduce churn and drive traffic from fixed lines to mobile networks
  • Sell new services while improving macro cell performance
  • Prevent over-spending on infrastructure through ‘Pinpoint Provisioning’, adding coverage and capacity exactly where it’s needed
  • Solve in-building issues – with a flexible, low impact and high-performance solution that integrates easily with all core networks

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