The world’s most deployed GSM picocell

nanoGSM is a proven, end-to-end 2G picocell solution carrying billions of minutes of traffic every year, all over the world.

It solves the indoor coverage and capacity issues that plague business customers while removing traffic from your macro network.


The components

The picocells

nanoBTS a complete GSM basestation

The nanoBTS uses the standard GSM air interface to deliver voice, messaging and data to both 2G and 3G handsets.

The secure Abis over IP interface from the nanoBTS into the controller needs only low bandwidth and is tolerant of latency. It can be carried over a wide range of low cost IP backhaul technologies such as DSL and over satellite for remote deployments.

Each nanoBTS is a single TRX which can support up to 14 simultaneous voice calls using dynamic AMR with half-rate. For high traffic locations, where even greater capacity is needed, up to 4 nanoBTS can used to create a 2, 3 or 4 TRX cell.

The nanoBTS picocell offers:

  • Controllable output power giving an indoor range up to 200m
  • Simple deployment with a single Ethernet connection for power, traffic and signalling
  • GPRS and EDGE data essential Blackberry® and enterprise applications
  • Models for the 850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz bands
  • Network Listen™ to optimize handover configuration

The controller

A complete BSC connecting the nanoBTS to MSC and SGSN

The nanoGSM Base Station Controller (BSC) handles and routes the IP traffic from the picocells into the MSC and SGSN over standard A and Gb interfaces. The 4U high compact PCI chassis includes Abis gateway, media gateway and optional frame relay gateway for easy installation in a low cost package.

The BSC controls a wide range of nanoGSM system functions; including dynamic channel allocation to optimise capacity for voice and data, and power level algorithms for handover to both 2G and 3G neighbours.

The nanoGSM BSC has been successfully integrated into the world’s leading MSCs. 

Talk to us about softswitch MSC integration options.

The manager

OMC-R  for operation and maintenance of the nanoGSM system.

The nanoGSM OMC-R (Operations and Maintenance Centre - Radio) is a centralised management tool, which lets you control, monitor and upgrade all network elements from a central site. It supports all the main management functions:

  • Alarm management - collates all alarms according to severity, acknowledgement status, probable cause, equipment and managed object identification and timestamp
  • Configuration management -  monitor and provision all parameters on multiple BSCs and BTSs remotely
  • Performance management  - data is collated in a central repository with the option of either exporting the raw PM data to third-party analysis tools or computing 'quick look' KPI’s 


The world's most

deployed GSM picocell



nanoGSM system architecture

The nanoGSM System Architecture