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The nano3G™ Access Points

Easy-deploy coverage for enterprise and public access

nano3G Access Points are designed to meet the varying needs of different targeted deployments and feature:

  • HSPA download speeds of 7.2 to 14.4 Mbps for excellent data performance

  • Support for both open and closed access, depending on deployment
  • Bi-directional handover with the macro network and with other APs.
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet – for simpler site cabling
  • High-precision oscillator – for picocell-class synchronisation and fast start-up
  • Full cell identity – smooth operation with macro network

The E class range of APs

Rugged enterprise picocells for demanding deployments in large and complex buildings.

With their metal case and Power over Ethernet, the E class picocells work in a wide range of difficult locations, such as unventilated roof spaces or high up on walls. The full +24 dBm (250mW) output power gives the E class picocells the range to cover medium and large office buildings, and for the largest deployments the E class can connect directly into an active DAS system. The flexibility is further enhanced by the high precision oscillator, giving fast start up in areas where no macro network can penetrate.

The NEW E16 and E24 APs, support 16 and 24 simultaneous active users respectively (each with concurrent voice and high speed data sessions), The new models, for Bands 1 and 4, expand the nano3G range and build on the capacity and capabilities offered by the E8 model.

The S class office femtocell

A small lightweight femtocell ideal for small offices, shops and homes

The small free standing from factor and low power consumption make it easy for the end customer to plug in for themselves (just like a consumer femtocell). But unlike a consumer femtocell the S class office femtocell can work in open access mode so all customers in the office or shop can get the benefit of excellent coverage and fast data speeds.

The S8 model supports up to 8 simultaneous active users (each with concurrent voice and high-speed data sessions) and is available for Bands 1, 2/5 and 4.

  • Plug and play customer installation – quick low cost deployment
  • Output power for localised deployments – simplifies cell planning
  • Standard DC power supply – easy for customers to connect

Other components of the nano3G picocell system


Access Points

Access Controller

Element Management System



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