Small Cell Solutions from our partners

Some of the telecom market’s most innovative companies build their solutions around ip.access solutions.

Here’s a sample of our world-class partnerships and the products they foster:

Aeromobile Logo

AeroMobile is the leading in-flight GSM connectivity company, providing technology and services that allow the safe and managed use of passengers’ own mobile phones and PDAs in-flight.

The ip.access picocell forms a pivotal part of our system, acting as the onboard transceiver allowing passengers to connect to the AeroMobile network safely and conveniently.  The portability and light weight profile of the ip.access picocell is perfect for the airborne environment.  Currently AeroMobile and IP Access technologies can be found onboard 190+ wide-body aircraft, increasing monthly as new installations are completed.


Altobridge is a leading provider of GSM solutions for remote communities.

Central to this is the green powered Altobridge lite-site™ which enables mobile network operators to bring mobile connectivity to isolated areas at low cost. Meeting the needs of 100 to 1,500 size subscriber communities – standalone or clustered –the Altobridge lite-site™ has been specifically designed to optimize satellite bandwidth and minimise power consumption. The solution uses 50% less backhaul than competing optimised solutions and offers quick and easy deployment with the compact design of the altoPod™. Core to this solution is the all-IP based nanoGSM™ from ip.access, which enables Altobridge to deliver low cost, highly efficient and reliable, voice and SMS plus GPRS and EDGE based data connectivity to remote communities in developing markets and emerging nations globally.

Aomyx Logo

Aomyx is an antenna design and manufacture company who specialise in high end custom solutions. Developed in conjunction with telecomms system designers and direct to operators Aomyx solutions help handle the ever more complex issues involved with running multiple network systems.

Aomyx has worked with ip.access to develop a range of outdoor antenna/microcell/picocell solutions which incorporate the ip.access picocell product into high gain directional and omni antenna’s . These innovative solutions build on tried and tested antenna technology to give focussed extra capacity for hotspots and wide area coverage for rural applications.

The high gain  integrated antenna solutions can be rapidly deployed to give instant capacity by just plugging in an internet connection.



PMN offer a viable alternative to DECT, PMN and Wi Fi for in building solutions and deliver Voice/SMS and Data services with SIP interconnect using the IP Access RAN technologies (BTS).

PMN solutions are perfect for Manufacturing/Warehousing/Health and Utility businesses using spectrum specific license from in country Telecom Regulators.


PMN provide 2G GSM and 3G UMTS solutions using IP Access RAN technologies (BTS and AP’s) with SIP interconnect from the PMN MSC and delivering Voice/SMS and Data for both.

Typically these solutions are ideal for small compact rapidly deployable First Responder systems with satellite backhaul and larger Base Camp deployments for troop welfare, management and test and verification.

Quortus Logo

Quortus is a London based software company developing fully integrated IP-based 2G,3G and 4G LTE core network solutions.  The Quortus SoftCore product provides voice (using SIP) and packet data support in a standalone arrangement and/or using MAP/DIAMETER to interconnect to other core networks. 

Quortus software can run on standard servers, Virtual Machines, and also ARM and MIPS64 embedded processors; making it ideal for small footprint deployments such as Enterprise environments. The ip.access nanoBTS and nano3G Access Point product ranges are being used now in conjunction with the Quortus SoftCore for in-building mobile/PBX integration, also for rural network extension deployments and public safety & government applications. A single standalone SoftCore  can drive simultaneously ip.access nanoBTS, nano3G and nanoLTE APs  making an ideal test bed for operators to evaluate the full range of femtocell technologies.

TriaGnoSys Logo

SiRRAN uniquely enables MVNE services with deployable core network software able to provide interconnect to any host operator from multiple remote rural sites via SIP.

The configuration of SiRRAN’s Rural Network Solution is where the true differentiators reside. With unique provisioning capability for all users, the system will allow for any mobile network operator SIM to register and self-provision onto the network.

Local call routing offers one of the simplest ways of reducing overall transport costs. SiRRAN provides a completely flat architecture which allows for local connectivity to any IP

TriaGnoSys Logo

Enhance your business solutions portfolio with dedicated mobile coverage, capacity and unique services for your users, accessible from their existing devices.

Highly configurable and based on your requirements with LTE, 3G or GSM technology, the private dedicated network is fully integrated via our NET Series Gateway using standards based technology.

Empowering instant local communications, the entire data and switching can be offloaded at the enterprise facility eliminating the traditional problem of high capacity backhaul and centralized core requirements helping to drive down operational costs and opens up new markets.

TriaGnoSys Logo

Delivering critical communications in the event of a disaster, SiRRAN software core has enabled the largest cellular emergency response network in the world.

Our software can be deployed in mobile form factors such as the Cobham EXPLORER Mobile Net and mounted onto vehicles, planes or helicopters to provide secure communication services to a specified area. The rapidly deployable tactical kit is key to any rescue effort – deployable in minutes.

Unique network configuration has a “capture & enable” capability for all users where any SIM can register and self-provision onto the network allowing full access or limited access to certain numbers.

TriaGnoSys Logo

TriaGnoSys, part of Zodiac Aerospace, is the information and communication technology provider to the aviation industry. TriaGnoSys turnkey solutions employ satellite, air to ground and other radio links to enable a range of passenger connectivity and entertainment, airline operations, and cockpit applications, including:

- GSM, 3G, LTE: Passenger can use their mobile devices for calls, text messages and emails, as well as to access high-speed Internet

- Wireless IFE/ WiFi: IFE content can be streamed wirelessly to passengers’ own devices, or to embedded IFE screens, and passengers can access the Internet

- Wireless Sensors: Flexible wireless sensor networks enable avionics data exchange to increase efficiency of aircraft maintenance

- Cockpit and Air Traffic Management: Connectivity and information to manage the aircraft efficiently and safely in all phases of flight, including ground operations

TriaGnoSys is an EASA Part 21 Design Organisation and Production Organisation. We supply innovative developments and airworthy hard- and software solutions.


WINS Ltd is a subsidiary company of Eutelsat Communications and specialises in offering advanced telecommunication services over satellite to the maritime sector.

WINS’s major service offering is the providing of GSM, GPRS and Wi-Fi access to the Cruise Ship and long distance ferry market. ip.access nanoBTS’s installed onboard the vessels enable passengers to use their own cellular phone while at sea anywhere in the globe to make or receive calls, send SMS’sand browse. The traffic is carried over VSAT satellite links from the ship to a number of teleports which are connected over secure VPNs to locations where WINS operates ip.access circuit BSCs which are in turn connected to partner operator networks and their PLMNs.

Among a few of WINS customers are Grandi Navi Veloci, MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises, Grimaldi and Tirrenia.