Application partners

Some of the telecom market’s most innovative companies build their solutions around ip.access products.


First response application partners


First Response

When natural disasters strike and knock out power supplies and telecommunications networks, our partners use ip.access small cells to provide secure voice, video and data communications. Enabling teams of military, intelligence, first response or remote workers to take control of even the most challenging of communications environments.



Enterprise application partners


Private Enterprise

Here the term ‘enterprise’ is broadly used to describe in-premise deployments such as business parks, university campuses, hospitals and hotel chains.  Deploying a private small cell network to provide coverage to the buildings employees.  The demand for improved mobile services within enterprises is on the increase as users want to be connected wherever they go.  In addition, the needs of specific sectors vary, calling for specialised partner integrated solutions to deliver tailored deployments. 


  Satellite application partners


Satellite backhaul

Many mobile applications are required in areas where there is no broadband connectivity available for backhaul. Such satellite based applications include:
Rural:  Providing mobile communications to previously isolated remote locations like villages or rural commercial settlements.
Maritime: Enabling mobile connectivity on cruise ships, ferries, private yachts and commercial vessels.
Aviation: Allowing passengers on commercial aircrafts to connect with their mobile devices whilst on-board. Furthermore there is also a requirement for connectivity on executive jets to allow VIPs to keep in touch, invariably using their standard mobile devices.


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