Carrier grade small cell radio solutions

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Rural & Remote

Our small cells are increasing being used to power rural networks, and bring about a reduction in the digital divide.

The mobile network operator business model is changing, and investment is in decline. Infrastructure is increasingly operated by so-called neutral hosts, with efforts to minimise Capex.

The ip.access small cells offer an immediate cost saving over macro cells, in that it’s often cheaper to target coverage of ‘not-spots‘ with a few small cells than to deploy a macro cell. Our SUMO small cells allow multiple operators to broadcast from a single device, further unlocking the value of remote and rural sites, where the average revenue per user (ARPU) is often only a few dollars.

R60 - Ruggedised LTE/3G small cell 

Targeted specifically at the Remote and Rural Extension market, the R60 combines best-in-class transmitter efficiency, a lightweight pole-mountable package, and the Viper™ multi-operator platform for a simple, low TCO coverage solution.

R30 - Ruggedised 2G small cell 

The R30 helps operators meet coverage obligations in remote areas where ARPU is low; the R30 is a low cost complete 2TRX GSM basestation with flexible backhaul options.

R60 Outdoor LTE/3G
Ruggedised LTE/3G small cell for rural and remote

R30 Outdoor 2G
Ruggedised 2G small cell for rural and remote

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